How I edit my Instagram photo’s

Since I get asked so many questions about how I edit my Instagram pics I decided to give you the answer here on my blog. I will tell you all my tips and tricks, which apps I use and what I do on these apps.

1. Facetune

The first app I use is Facetune. It’s an editing program. I use “heal” to delete small things in the photo. Sometimes this is a pimple or dirt in the background and sometimes it is to delete other people haha. I added an example of this for you guys. The photo below was taken in Bali. We wanted to take a cool picture with this amazing waterfall. There was almost no one there except for this one guy who was in every single shot. He stayed there the whole time… I didn’t know about the app Facetune so I was sooo frustrated haha. I’m happy I know it now, so I could delete his head out of my picture hehe.

In the example below you can see how I used “details” With details you can make parts of a photo sharper. I use this when I have a necklace on or something, or when I have braids or if I want to lay attention to a beautiful something in the background, like the pretty houses in Amsterdam in this photo.

Sometimes I also use “smooth”, this is like the name says to make some things smoother instead of sharper. This can be beautiful on the skin. But I must warn you to be careful with using Facetune, you don’t want your photo to look to fake or edited!

2. Snapseed

This is the second app I use. I use this app to make the photo lighter or darker or more colorful, things like that. I don’t really use this app so much, but for some photos it can be really nice. In the example, you can see how I made the sky darker. Sometimes I also make the sky lighter.


This is the last app I use to give the photo a nice filter. My favourite filters are A6, S2, and HB2. I don’t always use the same, I just look which one looks best on the picture. In the example I used the filter A6.

I don’t always use all 3 apps. For some photos I only use a filter and edit nothing more, and some photos I edit a lot. It really depends on the kind of photo.  For example when the photo is taken in poor light (which you should always try to avoid) I edit a lot more then when the photo is taken in the right light.

Also, after editing my photo with one or more of these apps I sometimes add a little extra exposure or sharpness in Instagram before uploading it.

I hope this post helped anyone who is trying to up their Insta edititing game!:)

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