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After my study trip to Java, we had one stop over on our way home: Singapore. We would stay there for one night and then fly back to the Netherlands. However, everyone was given the choice to take another flight back to the Netherlands, so you could stay longer in Singapore. I was very enthusiastic, because this way I could see a lot more of the beautiful Singapore. I immediately asked my friends if they wanted to stay longer with me, but unfortunately no one had the time, or just didn’t want to. Then I had to make a decision if I wanted to stay alone or just fly back after one day with everyone else. After thinking for a long time I decided to stay for 3 more days on my own. I thought to myself, there are people my age who travel around the world alone, why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy Singapore alone for 3 days. So that’s wat I did.  I really like Singapore, and enjoyed the fact that I saw so much of Singapore, I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. But I must admit, traveling alone isn’t really my thing. I actually felt quiet lonely sometimes. When I see a something beautiful for example, I love to talk about it with someone else. Some of the things I did and visited in Singapore:

-Singapore Botanic Gardens, very beautiful gardens!!

-Singapore flyer – I had the best view of Singapore in this large observation wheel.

-Marina Bay Sands Observation deck, another great view over Singapore on top of the spectacular hotel.

-Orchard Road, for shoppinggg

-Singapore River Tour

-Singapore Zoo

-Strolling around in Clarke Quay, a historical riverside quay filled with restaurants and bars.

-Singapore’s Chinatown

-Singapore’s Little India