Xel-Ha, Mexico’s natural wonder

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justliesx mexico   justiesx mexicojustliesx mexico justliesx mexico

Xel-Ha is a waterpark we went to, and it was just wauw! The nature was so amazing and there was a big natural aquarium with a wide variety of fish, where we snorkeled and jumped off cliffs all day. There are also some amazing underground caves and mangroves and beautiful landscapes with a lot of hammocks to relax. Another thing we did at Xel-Ha was swimming with dolphins. I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand this was so cool and I really liked this experience, but on the other hand this is not the way it should be. Dolphins should be in the wild in the ocean, not in a ‘swimming pool’, for the fun of tourists. I would never do this again. Again, Sorry for the lack of photos! We were to busy enjoying, haha. The swimming with dolphins activity is actually the only thing in Mexico we have a lot of photos from, because they were taken from us and we bought them.

Mexico you were a dream!

Justliesx mexicojustliesx mexicojustliesx mexico justliesx mexico  justliesx mexico  justliesx mexico

Mexico actually was me and my boyfriends first vacation. We went here in the summer of 2015. We stayed in Playa del Carmen. I had been here before with my parents, and just had to show Justin all of the beauty there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t into blogging and Instagram at that time, so I hardly took any pics. However, it was such an amazing holiday. We only went for one week, but we did so many excursions. We went on a quad safari through the jungle, which was so so cool! It was quite hard to control the thing, so Justin was the driver, and I sat behind enjoying the ride. After this we went with a zip line very high through the jungle, and after that we visited one of Mexico’s beautiful cenotes (no pics). This day was magical! Another lovely day was when we went to Xel-Ha, see my other blogpost about Mexico to read more about this paradise.