How I edit my Instagram photo’s

Since I get asked so many questions about how I edit my Instagram pics I decided to give you the answer here on my blog. I will tell you all my tips and tricks, which apps I use and what I do on these apps.

1. Facetune

The first app I use is Facetune. It’s an editing program. I use “heal” to delete small things in the photo. Sometimes this is a pimple or dirt in the background and sometimes it is to delete other people haha. I added an example of this for you guys. The photo below was taken in Bali. We wanted to take a cool picture with this amazing waterfall. There was almost no one there except for this one guy who was in every single shot. He stayed there the whole time… I didn’t know about the app Facetune so I was sooo frustrated haha. I’m happy I know it now, so I could delete his head out of my picture hehe.

In the example below you can see how I used “details” With details you can make parts of a photo sharper. I use this when I have a necklace on or something, or when I have braids or if I want to lay attention to a beautiful something in the background, like the pretty houses in Amsterdam in this photo.

Sometimes I also use “smooth”, this is like the name says to make some things smoother instead of sharper. This can be beautiful on the skin. But I must warn you to be careful with using Facetune, you don’t want your photo to look to fake or edited!

2. Snapseed

This is the second app I use. I use this app to make the photo lighter or darker or more colorful, things like that. I don’t really use this app so much, but for some photos it can be really nice. In the example, you can see how I made the sky darker. Sometimes I also make the sky lighter.


This is the last app I use to give the photo a nice filter. My favourite filters are A6, S2, and HB2. I don’t always use the same, I just look which one looks best on the picture. In the example I used the filter A6.

I don’t always use all 3 apps. For some photos I only use a filter and edit nothing more, and some photos I edit a lot. It really depends on the kind of photo.  For example when the photo is taken in poor light (which you should always try to avoid) I edit a lot more then when the photo is taken in the right light.

Also, after editing my photo with one or more of these apps I sometimes add a little extra exposure or sharpness in Instagram before uploading it.

I hope this post helped anyone who is trying to up their Insta edititing game!:)


justliesx amsterdam

How do you guys like my new tattoo???;)

I got it together with my sister on the last day we were in Ibiza. It was kind of an impulse since we never talked about getting matching tattoos before. We didn’t even know about each other that we wanted a tattoo. To be honest I really like tattoos when I see it on other people, but I never wanted one myself. This was until about a year ago, when I saw the wave tattoo design first.

When we were in the plane on our way to Ibiza my sister was talking to me about how she likes small tattoos and that she saw a picture of a tattoo that she really likes. She showed me the picture of the wave tattoo and this was the exact same picture I saw a long time ago. From the moment I laid eyes on that picture I’ve been doubting about taking that tattoo, so I was so surprised when my sister showed it to me. We immediately said to each other “we’re just gonna do it!” At that moment I wasn’t sure if we would stick to our plan, but we did! As you probably know I love traveling and spending time at the beach that’s why I really like this tattoo. I’m not really a tattoo kind of girl so I love that it’s so small and simple. The fact that I took the tattoo together with my sister, at our first (and hopefully not last) holiday together added a little meaning to it. I chose this place on my body because this way the tattoo is only visible when I’m wearing a bikini or a summer top or something and I think that’s when the wave design looks best.

The picture I added to his post was taken the day I got home from Ibiza. I went shopping in Amsterdam and because I just had my tattoo I really wanted to show it, so I decided to wear a bathing suit to the city, haha.

Am I ever going to take another tattoo?

Who knows;) But I don’t think so at this moment. I’m happy with the one I got now and I have no idea what other tattoo I would ever want.

Did it hurt?

Yes. Haha. No, it was not that bad, but I can’t say it didn’t hurt at all. Because it’s such a small tattoo it was done after one minute so it wasn’t that big of a deal. We were so nervous and dramatic before we went to the tattoo shop, but afterwards we both said it was not that bad.

My bucketlist


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

Hi babes, in this blogpost I am going to show you my bucketlist! To be honest if I am going to share my real bucketlist this blogpost will go on and on and on, since I want to visit almost every country of this earth, hehe. Instead I’m going to write down the destinations I really want to go to in the next.. let’ say 5 years!

Ok let’s go:

  • Greece. I’ve been here once before with my parents, but I was quiet young, and don’t really remember a lot of it. I don’t even know which place we’ve been. When I want to go to Greece I am talking about the following places: Santorini, Mykonos and Zakynthos. These 3 places look so beautiful, I’ve seen a lot of pictures of them and really need to see for myself! I am actually planning on going to Greece this summer! I don’t know exactly if I am going to one place, or do a island-hop or something, so I have to figure that all out.
  • Australia. I’ve been to Australia two times before, also with my parents. We have family living there, so we went to visit them. The first time I was 4 and the second time I was 6, so I think you can guess how much I remember of it. We do have so much pictures and videos of this trip, which really makes me want to go back very very soon! I don’t know which places I want to go exactly, but I know that I want to see as many as possible, since it’s like the other side of the world from where I live.
  • Iceland. Everyone I know who have been to Iceland says that it is the most beautiful country they have ever been too. I totally believe them when I see pictures of Iceland on Instagram. All the beautiful landscapes, waterfalls etc. Can’t wait to visit!!
  • La. Really really really want to go to LA! As soon as possible!
  • New York. I’ve never been to New York.. I think I’m going for a New York citytrip very soon!
  • Asia. This is a bit general, but I want to go back to Asia ASAP. I’ve been to Asia two times now, both to Indonesia: Java and Bali, and I love the culture. One of the many other Asian country I would love to go is Thailand.
  • Maledives. Well this actually falls under ‘Asia’, but I needed to take this one apart, because..  helllloooo Maledives! I think this really is heaven on earth from what I see on pictures. Dreaming so hard of going here one day!
  • South Africa. I would love to do a road trip through South Africa and visit the beautiful National Parks. Also doing a Safari and see the big 5 is high on my list.

I am going to keep it to this list, since I see it’s becoming quiet long already. Like I said I can go on and on about other destinations I also want to go very bad: Aruba, Jamaica, Canada, New Zealand…… etc etc etc.

What’s on your bucketlist? And do you have any tips for me about the places on my bucketlist? Let me know in the comments!