Yogyakarta – Borobudur & Prambanan

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From the three big city’s we went to, I liked Yogyakarta the most. Yogyakarta is the cultural city of Java, there is so much to do and to see. Me and my friends went to the Borobudur and the Pramabanan, two very big temple complexes. This was so impressive to see. When I searched for ‘Places to see before you die’ before my trip, the Borobudur was marked as the “must see” in Indonesia. And I can definitely see why. We didn’t do a tour, but just took a cab and went exploring the temple on ourselves. The architecture and the landscape was incredible! The only thing I regret afterwards, is not going with sunrise. I read that this way it is even more beautiful to visit the Borobudur. After visiting the Borobudur we directly moved on to the Prambanan, the other big temple complex. I liked both, but if I had to choose between the two, I liked Borobudur better. (almost all of the pic are from the Borobudur, only the last one is the Prambanan.) Another thing we did in Yogyakarta is rafting in a wild river, also a very cool thing to do there! This whole trip was a unique experience I will never forget!

Jakarta & Bandung

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In the third year of my study, management tourism, we went to Java with the whole class. This was about one year ago, right now I’m in my fourth and last year of school. This trip was my first time in Indonesia, and it was such a culture shock. We travelled from Jakarta to Bandung to Yogyakarta by bus. We only stayed for one day in Jakarta. I didn’t really like this city, since it was really dirty and packed. Bandung was a much nicer city. My favorite thing we did here, was visiting an Anklung school. Angklung is an Indonesian instrument. We got to see a performance from little kids playing the anklung, dancing and singing, I absolutely loved it. We also went to some very beautiful botanic gardens. Another thing I enjoyed a lot was visiting the Tangkuban Perahu Crater and the Ciater Hot springs. The Tangkuban Perahu Crater is the remnants of a gigantic collapsed volcano that still bubbles. When we visited this place with the whole class all the local people wanted to take pictures with us (actually this happened everywhere we went in Java). Ciater Hot Spring is a pretty little place in the middle of a very big tea estate. We enjoyed swimming in these warm water pools with the healing water. We also went to Dieng Plateau, a place I highly recommend to all of the nature lovers. We climed all the way up and had this amazing view over this huge green lake in the middle of the most beautiful nature. Really enjoyed this day! During our trip from Bandung to Yogyakarta we also visited some huge rice fields, so impressive!