Autumn feels

justliesx autumnI love autumn, look at those leafs!❤ After summer, autumn is my favorite season. I made a small collage of the pictures I’ve taken lately. I also bought a lot of new outfits. Here you can find the links ↓

bakery hat (pic 6): HERE

vinyl trousers (pic 3&8): HERE 

legging (pic 3): HERE

vinyl jacket (pic 1&4&6): SIMILAR HERE

leopard coat (pic 2&7): SIMILAR HERE



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  1. i only found your blog a couple days ago and am so happy i followed! absolutely love your style, its so cool and unique and now i know you have a german shepherd its even better haha 🙂 i’ve always wanted one myself and it will be the first thing i get when i move out , would love to see a post about your dog and how you care for it etc xx

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